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Preschool Enrichment

The Lil Sluggers enrichment program is designed specifically for daycare centers, preschools, after school programs, summer camps and private schools to enhance existing physical fitness programs.

Our enrichment classes are high quality, professionally led sessions that not only introduce children to baseball and fitness, but also provide lessons in social skills and team building.

Lil Sluggers enrichment classes do not require large spaces. They can be held in gyms, multipurpose rooms or outdoors. We offer flexibility in scheduling sessions and will work with the school or daycare center to encourage participation and enrollment.

Lil Sluggers enrichment classes are taught by fully trained, professional instructors who conduct safe, age appropriates activities that the kids will LOVE! We provide all of the necessary equipment.

For more information about Lil Sluggers enrichment classes, please contact the Lil Sluggers operator in your area.

For more information, visit our location page to find an operator near you.